About Us

At Cornerstone IT Consulting we have a wide variety of backgrounds, and we each bring different expertise to our customers.

Ron Harris (Founder and Partner) - Ron has over 15 years experience in the insurance industry, and his attention to detail is an asset for protecting your important data files and advising you on areas of exposure (risk). He founded ANWT Consulting in 1993.

David Hays (Partner) - David was a carrier-based fighter pilot (F/A-18 Hornet) in the U.S. Navy for nine years, and his technical background benefits our customers greatly. In 1999 he joined ANWT Consulting, which later became Cornerstone IT Consulting. He specializes in servers, routers, remote access and wireless networking solutions.

Bobby Thompson (Tech) - Bobby has an extensive background in retail sales, customer service and computer consulting. He started working for Cornerstone IT Consulting in 2011.